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Artist Statement


Elisabeth Abeson is an artist with a background in globalization strategy, international development & multi-stakeholder strategy for sustainable development. Her time overseas provided a treasure trove of vantage points through which she views the cosmos. While exposed to many socio-political philosophies & spiritual traditions, she acquired ‘found objects’ from around the world that she embeds in her mixed-media paintings. Elisabeth works with these culturally symbolic gems, as well as oils, gouache, acrylics, photography, prose & poems. Influenced by indigenous, agrarian & artisan communities in India, her work is infused with a desire to preserve cultural heritage & cultivate what her teacher Thích Nhat Hanh, calls ‘inter-being’. In addition to creating ‘eco-systems’ which embrace this interconnectedness between humans, animals & nature, her work is infused by Gandhian philosophy, including ‘Ahimsa’ (non-harming). Since we are not immune from harm, Elisabeth’s life is guided by Ayurveda, India’s plant-based medical tradition that views health holistically on the level of body, mind & spirit. These influences manifest in pieces that promote peaceful co-existence & respect between all beings, animals & nature. Similarly, they strive to remind us of our innate capacity to get through life’s mud so we can bloom into our lotus selves.

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